About Us

Toto Kogyo Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of greenhouse products in Japan, and over 50 years of experience in this line of business.

Today, "VINIPET" has become synoymous with film fastening system.

It used to take wasted time and labor to fasten films and screws,and VINIPET was invented in response to consumers demands for a much easiar and labor saving system.

Since VINIPET was produced, TOTO KOGYO has turned the labor saving demand into reality, and has also worked toward the developing and manufacturing of functional and economical greenhouse materials.

Nowadays our best seller and well-received creation VINIPET is in the highest demand and we also have a vast selection of original goods including ventilation systems, doors, and parts to respond to the consumers needs.

We are dedicated to continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

We will pay increased attention to consumers requests, and devote ourselves to the development of the agriculture and horticulture business by supplying our customers with the most advanced and original technology available.